Bikram Yoga: Life’s Magic and Miracle

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August 3, 2017

Bikram Yoga: Life’s Magic and Miracle

I know what you are thinking right at this moment – she’s totally crazy! Bikram yoga – sweating and toiling away in the 40 degree heat, sounds like a crazy person’s dream. Well, what if I told you I was thinking this exact thing about two years ago… when I first started doing bikram yoga …

Let me start by saying that I had the same hesitations most of you are probably having right now. It was my mum who asked me to join her for moral support – a 10 day introductory pass where you could try 10 classes and then decide to pursue it further or not…and I was doubting myself…doubting whether I could even get through one class!

As I DID make it out in one piece, I would like to share with you the benefits I have experienced…my LIFE CHANGING experience with bikram yoga.

  1. Addictive! This is a hard one to believe isn’t it? The moment I walked into that hot room I felt like running out halfway through, but at the end of the class I absolutely could not wait to do the next one! What can I say? It is absolutely addictive! In fact, if time permitted, I can honestly say that I would do bikram yoga every single day. No joke!
  2. Mind over matter – after doing 26 yoga poses twice in 40 degree heat, you can pretty much be assured that you can do anything and everything else!! It is the ultimate test of your mental strength and resilience. As a result, life’s challenges become much easier to handle. After almost 2 years of doing this yoga, I realised the important concept that bikram yoga is purely about MIND OVER MATTER (and muscle).
  3. Health is wealth! The benefits are endless – I have more energy, increased cardiovascular capacity, glowing skin, better quality sleep, digestion, improved immunity (I don’t get sick as often as I used to – the antibiotics are now out the window!) My diet has improved – I eat healthier and drink more water without even thinking about it, and I feel fantastic!
  4. Positive energy and miracles: the NATURAL HIGH. Flow on effect after class –little things like having the energy to make lunch, cook more meals, run more errands (without whining about it!), waking up early more effortlessly. Little wins at work –financial assistance for my post graduate program getting approved and my allowance as a first aid officer – little miracles like this which I choose to attribute to the positive mindset and energy I receive and give after every Bikram class and which stays with me for days on end.
  5. Improved relationships – with family, friends, colleagues, people in general. I am more calmer, focused, positive and balanced. I used to be impatient and negative at times, and I am now more content with who I am as a person, always grateful for everything I have in life, happier and level headed. I smile a lot more and look for the best in people.
  6. Liberating – at the end of each class, I feel like I am floating in paradise – I feel invincible. It is absolutely AMAZING! What is stress again?!
  7. Magical –the feeling you get after doing a class is something you need to experience for yourself. I cannot describe it in words. Within 4 months of starting Bikram again, I stopped chiropractic care, acupuncture, massages, physiotherapy. My periods came regularly (I had been on the pill for years, and took herbal medicine to induce my periods as they were that irregular), my niggly wrist got sorted out (after years of physio and going to the rheumatologist), and my acne disappeared (was previously taking medication for this too). So how did all my bodily functions get in order? This yoga works. I can’t explain it. IT JUST WORKS.
  8. Resilience – I have become much stronger and able to face any challenge in life with a balanced and positive mindset. What I do on the yoga mat inside the room, helps me in life outside the room. The commitment I show on the mat is a reflection of how I approach the world outside – the two are intertwined. Bikram has become a WAY OF LIFE.

Now that didn’t sound too scary did it? I ask you to join me and share the amazing journey of self-discovery, exploration and realising your fullest potential – all of which can be achieved in one yoga room. All you need is a mat… and your beautiful smile!

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