Mind over matter

Tapping into your source: four benefits of unleashing the power of positive thinking
August 3, 2017
An emotional state of mind
August 3, 2017

Mind over matter

You = your thoughts

We are all part of this amazing universe and we have been given the gift of life. I read a beautiful quote the other day “The world outside of you responds to the world inside of you.” I realise that this makes more and more sense and what we choose to transmit into the universe, is ultimately what we will get back. This is a pure fact. As we live, breathe and BE the best we can be, it is easy to see that we will only get the best back. Think happy, be happy, attract happy!

The “happiness well”

It is important to realise that the true state of happiness can only come from within you. Yes, you can certainly derive it from external sources – such as family, friends, your other half, activities you like to do, experiences… but the reality is that happiness obtained from these sources are temporary. It will come to an end at some point. Your internal “happiness well” as I like to call it, is always overflowing with positive energy, thoughts and vibrations, and you have the ability to access this anywhere, anytime, anyplace without ever worrying about it ever running out. You are the ultimate abundant source of happiness. Isn’t that a wonderful thing to realise!

What is your state of mind?

Everything in life operates on your mental wavelength/ vibrations/ energy or whatever else you would like to call it. Why is it that we attract people who are similar to us? Why is that some people seem to get good fortune and success? If we examine the character and mindset of top performers, we will find that it is strongly underpinned by positivity, resilience, optimism and a strong sense of “inner core” or stability. Yes, there is hard work and persistence that cannot be discounted, but it all starts in your mind. Even one thought is a very powerful thing – it is entirely up to you whether you choose to use it to your advantage. The possibilities are truly endless…

Manifest your “pearls”

If your intentions are set and you focus on what you want, then guess what? That is what you will get. And it is important to note, you will also get what you don’t want (if that is what you concentrate on). The powers of positive thinking are truly miraculous. Have you ever had a day where everything seemed to just “flow” – you got up early, had time for breakfast, avoided peak hour traffic, got to work less stressed, and had a very productive and smooth day?

Chances are that you were fully connected and centred with yourself, and were feeling good about yourself – which then translated into having little beautiful moments, or “pearls” throughout the day. This is a very simple example. Just imagine the larger and more significant pearls that you will be able to manifest – by merely drawing on the positive energy sitting in your “happiness well.” You will find that soon enough, almost everything you receive will be pearls!

So next time you would like something positive to happen, just remember that the “pearls” are already there. All you need to do is tap into your positive energy field (i.e. your mind) to “see” them!

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