Hi there lovelies! So you are probably wondering who is this girl, and where is she from? Why should I listen to what she has to say? These questions are totally legit! So here goes, let’s set the scene…

There once was a girl…

Being the daughter of Indian immigrants, her parents had raised her to have strong family values, focusing on education, getting good grades, and eventually the expectation was that she would get into a good university to get a degree and a good job.

Then she was set up with many prospective alliances with the hope that one of them would eventually lead to marriage. Her insecurities, fear, anxiety, and the loss of her own voice came to the surface. She was put in a situation where although her parents had the very best intentions, care and love, it was not what she wanted.

This girl was unhappy, anxious, and scared that she would be pressured into something she did not want.

This girl decided something had to change…

So she took charge of her own life by simply being curious and focusing on herself...

What is it that I want in my life?

Do I want to get married? More importantly, am I READY to get married at this age?

What goals do I want to achieve in my life?

What values are important to me?

What interests/hobbies/activities do I love pursuing?

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” – Zen Proverb

As this girl became ready for major change in her life, she encountered certain people and events that came into her life at that point… almost as if the Universe had heard her intention to commit to a personal transformation. The first one of these was hot yoga, followed by a daily meditation practice.

The girl did some yoga classes, and found it extremely challenging with the intense heat which at times was unbearable. However, she stuck with it. To this present day, she is still doing her practice and it has completely changed her life. How? Apart from the physical benefits of yoga, she was also able to see that the practice had changed her on a much deeper emotional and spiritual level:

  • She felt more calm, balanced and centred
  • She felt that she could handle the challenges in her life with more resilience
  • She felt that she could let go of control and have trust, faith and surrender that everything in her life would happen at the right time
  • She felt deep intense emotions which had not come up in a long time, and learnt to embrace them, feel them and release them
  • She felt a deep sense of love and gratitude for herself and those around her
  • She had more clarity, focus and energy

After getting such immense benefits from yoga and meditation, this girl realised that the most important thing was her focus on herself, her happiness, her self care and self love. Everything else seemed to fall into place around her once she had realised that.

She was able to listen to her inner voice more, and trust her intuition more. As a result, she was able to make authentic, guided decisions from her open heart to achieve what she wanted in her life.

She felt more empowered, confident, loving, compassionate, resilient, assertive and able to tap into her feminine strength on her path to finding herself, her voice and her purpose in life.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t you’re right” - Henry Ford

If you are still reading this, well done it is clear that some part of this girl’s story speaks to you (which I think you may have figured out by now, is me!), and that you would like to achieve some clarity or results in some area of your life. As an internationally certified results coach, I help people clear any mental blocks they have in order to get the results they want in all areas of their lives.

Basically, I get you out of your own way. If there is one essential thing that I have learnt in my several years of research into personal development, it is this: “once you conquer your mind, you can conquer anything.”

I want to make sure that my prospective clients and I are the right fit for one another, so if you are deeply feeling any of the following, I would love to work with you

  • You are committed to creating the most awesome, high vibe, inspired life ever!
  • You are open minded and receptive to new ideas and approaches and will apply them with full commitment in your life
  • You are tired of being stuck, feeling lost and confused
  • You are super keen in creating sustainable change in your life
  • You are sick and tired of getting the same results and want something that will work
  • You want to have fun and smash some serious goals with your personal cheerleader, mentor and friend (me!) by your side the whole way!

Sound good?

In case, you wanted to know a bit more about what makes up “the girl” Preetha.. you can find out below…

What gets my life juices flowing

  • I’m into anything and everything related to personal development/growth/learning/evolution I have done years of self study on topics such as positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, changing mindsets and have taken the best of these to apply in my own life to see change and impact.
  • I’m an avid hot yoga enthusiast. Yup, I love sweating it out in 40 degrees and doing a set of 26 postures twice in a 90 minute class. Sound like fun? ;) After continuing with my practice, I found that I do not have the need to take any medicines, and stopped all my physio, chiro appointments. I hardly ever visit my GP. The physical benefits are endless, but it is my mind which thanks me for it every single time.
  • I practice meditation. This is the only activity which allows you to spend time with yourself in a non judgmental way, and lets you hear your inner voice without all the external “noise.” I’ve kept at it, and it has led to some profound insights and gems from the Universe. And no, you do not have to do it in an orange robe.
  • I have been trained in Reiki (level 2) As you can probably tell by now, I am a very spiritual person and a strong believer in the universal force. I feel that everyone here on earth has a higher purpose and are destined for something great. Reiki is a simple self healing technique which uses the palms of your hands to channel universal energy through your body. Simple yet effective.
  • I am a jet setter. Yes, yes, yes! Tell me when to pack my bags I truly believe that experiences can offer the most cherished memories, and what better way to do this than travelling. I have been to UK, US, Singapore, Asia, Japan, Hawaii and looking to add to this list. Every single trip fills me up with gratitude, love and appreciation for this beautiful world we live in and shows my just how blessed I am.
  • I am a qualified CPA. A great achievement but completely useless as I have never worked in accounting, and do not intend to. I do not go well with numbers. However, what did going through the CPA (studying 3 years and working full time too) teach me? Discipline, prioritising, managing deadlines, planning, organising my schedule, and basically getting my sh*t together. It was a big lesson in juggling the many aspects of my life, and I managed to pass all exams in the first go. I am proud (and perhaps secretly a nerd too).
  • I am an internationally certified results coach. I have been trained in a globally accredited results coaching model, which I use with all my clients. This model meets the stringent standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) so you know you are truly getting the best of the best.
  • I shake it as a Bollywood dancer. Dancing has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and build a beautiful level of self love, confidence and passion that I wouldn’t have imagined. I’ve been given the opportunity to perform at weddings, festivals, various functions… all of which have given me an avenue to express myself in a graceful, feminine, boundless way that is a lovely diversion from daily life. Just pure fun.
  • I have lived in three different countries (born as a mini jet setter). I was born in India, and my parents moved to the Middle East (in Dubai and Abu Dhabi) when I was very young. My parents then immigrated to Australia, where I have been living since. I guess the travellers gene was embedded in me at a very young age I appreciate all cultures, languages, religions as I believe they make the world that much more enriching and delightful.
  • I’m a foodie. Need I say more? Please note particular inclinations towards delectable, taste-buds enthralling - fine brown, sweet, creamy divine stuff known as “chocolate.” Only the best ;)
  • I want to change the world…one person at a time. Our time on this planet is limited, so I want to help you realise you can absolutely have the life that you want. You can live a happy, fulfilled, meaningful, passionate life with your spirit/ energy/ essence infused into every aspect of it. If my story has resonated with you, and you are ready for this journey of change, I am with you 100% of the way. All you need to do is believe and dream ultra ultra big. No limits whatsoever.

So, are you in or are you in?

There is no time like the now…

Are you going to be the captain of your own ship?

Are you going to be your own dream maker?

Are you going to be the artist of your own canvas?

Let’s do this!

My absolute purpose is to get you to where you want to go with doses of fun, honesty, energy tossed in with teaspoons of courage, truth and unstoppable feminine, divine power!

I will keep it real and honest for you but also give you space to realise your own truth and voice.

I have opened the door for you…

Will you walk through, you divine goddess?

With love, light and gratitude,